This point is also called “the point of hundred diseases’, as it literally has the power to help your body combat innumerate issues and health conditions.

Namely, it is responsible for the regulation of the functions of all organs in the lower part of the body. The Zu San Li also controls the spinal cord, which is in charge of the good function of the reproductive system, kidneys, glands, gastrointestinal and digestive tract.

Adrenal glands are essential for the normal functioning of the body and its health, as they release vital hormones, including adrenaline and hydrocortisone, in the bloodstream. Moreover, the massage of the Zu San Li point will also provide beneficial effects in many other cases, such as: constipation, gastritis, urinary incontinence, impotence, hiccups.

Apart from that, this point can be very useful in eliminating anxiety, stress, tension, it will maintain an inner balance and will boost your confidence. The San Li point also has a stimulating effect as well.

This beneficial massage also promotes weight loss. Yet, note that you should do it in the evening in this case, but be very careful. You can use ½ kg in a week.

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